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The first time you change your Login password after July 1, 2019, you must select Claim Account and follow instructions.

If you are paid by both WVU and WVU Medicine, or you are a medical resident, manage your account at WVU Medicine.

Enter your information to claim your account, take the cybersecurity quiz and add recovery contact information.

Claim Account

Forgot your password or need to change it? Confirm your identity to create a new password.

Forgot or Change Password

If you've already set up Duo two-factor authentication, you can print codes as a backup, add a token to your account or resync a token.

Print Backup Codes or Add Duo Token

If you’ve failed to log in too many times, confirm your identity to unlock your account.

Unlock Account

If you don’t remember your WVUID number, enter your personal information to look it up.


Log in to confirm that your personal email address and mobile phone number are current, and make changes if necessary.

View or Change Recovery Contact Information

Former Students: Enter your WVU username and birthdate to create a new password and access WVU services, like MIX (GMail).

Manage Alumni Account